About Masako

MasakoMasako Sakurai is a Japanese artist based in Manchester. She was inspired and encouraged to take up painting by Philippe Aird at the Phoenix Studio in Castlefield, Manchester.

Born in Shizuoka, Japan, Masako studied ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), in which she is a qualified teacher, and pottery. During several visits to Europe, she became interested in and began to appreciate western art and it was then that the seeds for her future art were sown.

Combining her ikebana training, which generally relies on quite rigid rules of form and structure, with the less structured approach seen in Western flower arranging and garden design, she began to experiment with the artistic techniques absorbed from Philippe to create her own colourful world of floral and abstract paintings. She sees flower arranging and painting as complimentary activities, each providing ideas for the other and allowing her to transpose shape, colour, texture and design between the two areas.